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5395Funeral procession in Tianjin19001900-1949

15545The 'Paoting' turning in Tientsin1906

15595China Navigation Company buildings at Tongku (塘沽)1906

15596China Navigation Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15658Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15659Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15660Tientsin Lighter Company tugs, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15661Dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15662Dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15663Dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15664Dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15665'Elaine' in dry dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15666Factory and dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15667Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15668Dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15669Boats, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15689Dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15690Tientsin Lighter Company lighter at Hsinho (新河)1906

15691Butterfield and Swire premises, Victoria Road, Tientsin1906

16052Hotung and Wharfinger’s house in Tientsin1911

16053Hotung and Wharfinger’s house by the river in Tientsin (天津)1911

16055A hulk of the Tientsin Lighter Company1911

16056A lighter of the Tientsin Lighter Company with steam tug1911

16057Tientsin Lighter Company’s lighters with tug1911

16060Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1911

16062Bagging up salt at Hanku (汉沽)1911

16063Workers bagging salt at Hanku (汉沽)1911

16064Salt being bagged on the Hanku (汉沽) wharf1911

16065Salt piled on wharf at Hanku (汉沽)1911

16066Loading salt at Hanku (汉沽)1911

16643The Custom House in Tientsin1903

16661Two servants1903

16669H. Dawson-Gröne, Tientsin1904

16675A crane in the Commissioner's garden, Tientsin1903

16682Shupan, General Office, Tientsin Custom House1903

16683Chinese staff at the Tientsin Customs House, 19051905

16687Tennis in Tientsin, 19051905

16701A clerk in the Trade-marks Registation Office, Tientsin1903

16721Dawson-Gröne with tennis racquet1903

16853Hedgeland, colleagues and animals, in TientsinDecember 1903

16854Hedgeland, colleagues and animals, TientsinDecember 1903

16865Outside the Tientsin Club, 19041904

17867Taku Bar1919

17868Tientsin Lighter Company lighters, Tongku (塘沽)1919

17869Tientsin Lighter Company lighter, Tongku (塘沽)1919

17870Butterfield and Swire premises, Victoria Road, Tientsin1919

17875People waiting on Tientsin bund1906

18408Tientsin Hotung lower end1919

18409A steamer at Tientsin Hotung lower end1919

18410Tientsin Hotung upper end1919

18411Wharfinger’s house in Tientsin1919

18412Wharfinger’s worker housing in Tientsin1919

18413Wharfinger’s worker housing in Tientsin1919

19131'Chusan' berthed at Tientsin1923

19132Hosing water in Tientsin1923

19133Hosing water from a warehouse, Tientsin1923

19134Tientsin Hotung1923

19135Tientsin Hotung1923

19136Tientsin Hotung1923

19137Tientsin Hotung and railway1923
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