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20776Sledges with passengers, Tientsin, 1934

20777Sledge with passenger, Tientsin

20778Group by warehouse, Tientsin, February 1934

20944Ships, Hotung

22950English Club, Victoria Road, Tientsin

23191Grooms, with horse and carriage, Tientsin, 1900

24107Salt stacks on the Pei-ho River, Tientsin

25791The Chinese Magistrate’s Ya-men, Tientsin1900-1915

25792Five views of the Japanese Concession, Tientsin1920-1930

25793Opticians, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1910-1930

25794Tientsin: Japanese officer; Japanese Barracks

25795Tientsin: Japanese officer; Japanese Barracks

25796Yeishin Glass Factory, Tientsin1910-1930

25797Tokiwa Hotel, Tientsin1937-1945

25798Gate, Chinese City, Tientsin1900-1915

25799Tung-ma-lu Street, Tientsin1900-1920

25800Victoria Road, British Concession, Tientsin1920s

25801Wharf of the Osaka Steam Ship Company, French Concession, Tientsin1900-1920s

25802British Concession, Tientsin1900-1920s

25803Flags and lanterns in Victoria Road, Tientsin1900-1915

25804Fire alarm bell, Victoria Park, Tientsin1920s

25805Steam-roller, street repairing1910-1920

25806Japanese barracks, Tientsin1900-1910

25807Chinese City, Tientsin1910-1920

25808Japanese Concession, Tientsin1910-1920

25809Japanese Settlement, Tientsin1900-1920

25810Japanese Settlement, Tientsin1900-1920

25811Japanese Club, Yamato Park, Tientsin1900-1920s

25812Bandstand, Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1910-1930

25813Japanese Concession, Tientsin1900-1920s

25814Night attack, Tientsin1900

25815Fountain, Tientsin Industrial Exhibition1926-1928

25816Li Hongzhang Shrine, Tientsin.1910-1920

25817The Church of the Holy Protection, Tientsin1920-1930

25818The Church of the Holy Protection, Tientsin1920-1930

25819Aerial view of Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1920-1930

25820Bandstand, Victoria Park, British Concession, Tientsin1910-1930

25821Tientsin Shrine, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1920-1930

25822Asahai Street, Japanese Settlement, Tientsin1930s

25823Piazza Regina Elina, Italian Concession, Tientsin1930s

25824Shopping street, Tientsin1930s

25825Shopping street, French Concession, Tientsin1930s

25826Shopping street, French Concession, Tientsin1930s

25827Victoria Park, British Concession, Tientsin1930s

25828Hokunei Park, Tientsin1930s

25829Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1930s

25830Walking in the shade, French Park, Tientsin1930s

25831Tram, Tientsin, with street entertainer1930s

25832Ferryboat, Tientsin1930s

25833Resting rickshaw drivers, Tientsin1930s

25834Bird cage shop, Tientsin1930s

25835Ironmonger, Tientsin1930s

25836Shopping street, Tientsin1930s

25837Food stall in street, Tientsin1930s

25841Tientsin: International Bridge; trackside barbers1930s

25842Tientsin: area between the Japanese and French Concessions; East Station1930s

25843Tientsin: camel caravan; Drum Tower1930s

25844Tientsin: Muslim street vendor; Li Hongzhang Shrine1930s

25845Tientsin: Catholic Cathedral; shipping on the Pei-ho1930s

25846Tientsin: a flea market; Victoria Park1930s
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