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16064Salt being bagged on the Hanku (汉沽) wharf1911

16065Salt piled on wharf at Hanku (汉沽)1911

16682Shupan, General Office, Tientsin Custom House1903

19265Shipping and warehouses along Haihe (海河) in Tientsin1923

19759Snow on riverside, Tientsin Hotung1933

19762Shipping at Tongku (塘沽)1933

19764Steamers at Tongku (塘沽)1933

19901Steamer turning in Tientsin 19401940

19902Steamships berthed at Tientsin, 19401940

19912Ships in Tongku (塘沽)1940

19914Shipping at Tongku port1940

20418Steamer 'Fengtien', Haiho19191919-1920

20776Sledges with passengers, Tientsin, 1934

20777Sledge with passenger, Tientsin

20942Ships, TakuOctober 1940

20944Ships, Hotung

24107Salt stacks on the Pei-ho River, Tientsin

25805Steam-roller, street repairing1910-1920

25824Shopping street, Tientsin1930s

25825Shopping street, French Concession, Tientsin1930s

25826Shopping street, French Concession, Tientsin1930s

25836Shopping street, Tientsin1930s

25838School theatre and hall, Tientsin, 19361936

25861Sawing wood1920-1940

25880Shipping at the quay, British Concession, Tientsin1930s

25886San-Fu-Kuan, Chinese Street, Tientsin1930s

25898Shopping street, Tientsin1930-1940s

25909Street and Drum Tower, Tientsin1930s

25913Shopping street, Tientsin

25930Streets in foreign concessions, Tientsin1937-1945

25932Shopping streets, Tientsin1937-1945

25937Shrine of Li Hongzhang, Tientsin1937-1945

25955Scorpions; playing a game; sawing wood1937-1945

25956Sledges on a frozen waterway; storage of ice blocks1937-1945

25961Soldiers guarding gate; sunk shipping; artillery1937-1945

25962Sandbagged barricade; war damaged buildings1937-1945

25963Soldiers at railway station; road block in low lying area1937-1945

25967Soldiers on mountain side1937-1945

25969Sandbagged railway station; railway tracks beside flooded area1937-1945

25971Soldiers by sandbagged city wall; war damaged buildings1937-1945

25972Shuetsu Yamauchi and his family, Tientsinc.1937-1945

25974Schoolchildren, Tientsinc.1937-1945

25977Shirakawa, Nihon Wharf and Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Tientsinc.1937-1945

25984Statue, Nankai University, Tientsin1941

25988Shoji Okamoto painting, Nankai University, Tientsin1941

26013Shimuzu foreign goods store, Miyajima Street, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26034Suma Street, Tientsin, c.19401940

26035Suma Street, Tientsin, c.19401940

26043Shoichi Kusunoki, in a photographer's studio (Boxer Uprising backdrop), 1912

26582Soldiers loading luggage onto a railway carriage1900

26590Soldiers and civilians at a railway station1900

26619Soldiers and civilians at railway station1900

26647Shell damaged buildings1900

30033Staff and students, Tientsin Anglo-Chinese CollegeFriday 7 June 1918

30049Sheila Kelsey and Pat Cullen playing in the London Missionary Society compound, Tientsinc.1929-1930

31189S.S. Staatsecretaire Kraatke stuck in mud, Taku Bar (大沽)May 1911

31613Sortie de messe à l'église Saint-LouisÉté 1931

31645Sur la terrasse de M. Sabourain au 112A rue Favier (actuelle Xinhua beilu 新华北路)Printemps 1932

31646Sur la terrasse de M. Sabourain au 112A rue Favier (actuelle 新华北路)Printemps 1932

31654Shanhaiguan 山海关 : Mer gelée et extrémité de la Muraille de Chine
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