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19138Tientsin Hotung and railway1923

19139Tientsin Hotung1923

19140Butterfield and Swire property at Tientsin Hotung1923

19141Warehouse at Tientsin Hotung1923

19142Warehouses, Tientsin Hotung1923

19143Warehouses, Tientsin Hotung1923

19144Warehouses and rail track, Tientsin Hotung1923

19145Factories in Tientsin Hotung1923

19146Tientsin Hotung1923

19147Ice on the river, Tientsin1923

19148Tientsin Lighter Company tugs in dry dock, Tongku (塘沽)1923

19149China Navigation Company ships in Tongku (塘沽)1923

19265Shipping and warehouses along Haihe (海河) in Tientsin1923

19266By the Haihe (海河) in Tientsin1923

19648Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1920

19649Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1920

19650Bicycle, car and rickshaws in front of Butterfield and Swire office, Victoria Road, Tientsin1920

19651Godown staff quarters, Tientsin Hotung1920

19652Godown staff quarters, Tientsin Hotung1920

19653Butterfield and Swire staff at Tientsin Hotung1920

19654Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19655Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19656Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19657Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19755Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1933

19756Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1933

19757Butterfield and Swire office in Tientsin1933

19758Ferry at Tientsin Hotung1933

19759Snow on riverside, Tientsin Hotung1933

19760Lighters at Tongku (塘沽)1933

19761Lightship in dry dock at Tongku (塘沽)1933

19762Shipping at Tongku (塘沽)1933

19763Icy waters, Tongku (塘沽)1933

19764Steamers at Tongku (塘沽)1933

19895Garden at Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire), 19401940

19896Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire), 19401940

19897Goods yard and Bank of China warehouse, Tientsin 19401940

19898Building site in Tientsin, 19401940

19899Back yard in Tientsin, 19401940

19900Building site in Tientsin1940

19901Steamer turning in Tientsin 19401940

19902Steamships berthed at Tientsin, 19401940

19903Back yard in Tientsin1940

19904Tientsin port and quayside 19401940

19905Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19906Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19907Warehouses in Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19908Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19909Loading a truck, Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19910Foreigners in goods yard in Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19911Tongku port1940

19912Ships in Tongku (塘沽)1940

19913Tongku port1940

19914Shipping at Tongku port1940

19915Tongku port1940

19986Butterfield and Swire compound and warehouses, Tientsin 1906-19071906

19989Butterfield and Swire property in Tongku (塘沽)1906

19990Butterfield and Swire property in Tongku (塘沽)1906

19991Butterfield and Swire property in Tongku (塘沽)1906

19992Pier at Butterfield and Swire property in Tongku (塘沽)1906
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