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5395Funeral procession in Tianjin19001900-1949

15666Factory and dock, Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

19145Factories in Tientsin Hotung1923

19758Ferry at Tientsin Hotung1933

19910Foreigners in goods yard in Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

20417French Yard, Haiho19191919-1920

25792Five views of the Japanese Concession, Tientsin1920-1930

25803Flags and lanterns in Victoria Road, Tientsin1900-1915

25804Fire alarm bell, Victoria Park, Tientsin1920s

25815Fountain, Tientsin Industrial Exhibition1926-1928

25832Ferryboat, Tientsin1930s

25837Food stall in street, Tientsin1930s

25903Fountain, Yamato Park, Tientsin1930-1940s

25904Fountain, Yamato Park, Tientsin.1930-1940s

25908French Concession, Tientsin1940s

25939Flooding, Tientsin1937-1945

25940Flea market1940s

25941Food for sale beside a street1940s

25944Fisherman, with cormorants1940s

25949Funeral procession; decorated façade of ceremonial building1937-1945

25959Funeral procession1940s

25960Food pedlar; workman1937-1945

25973Funeral ceremony for Yoshizo Kawana, Tientsinc.1937-1945

25985Floods, Tientsin, 19391939

25987Floods, Tientsin, 19391939

26005Fukushima Street, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26006Fukushima Street, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26008Fukushima Street, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26014Fuyo Hotel, 12 Asahi Street, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26015Fuyo Hotel, Asahi Street, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26037Flooding, near Hai Guang Si Temple, Tientsin, 19391939

26038Fishing, Nankai University, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26050Floods, Tientsin, 19391939

26051Floods, Tientsin, 19391939

26052Floods, Tientsin, 19391939

26053Floods, Tientsin, 19391939

26054Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26060Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26064Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26065Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26070Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26074Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26076Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26078Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26080Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26081Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26083Floods, Tientsin, 1939

26102Four young Japanese men, TientsinJanuary 1940

26109Fukushima Street during the 1939 floods, Tientsin

30036Freer and Connie Kelsey, Tientsin Anglo-Chinese CollegeFriday 7 June 1918

30041Flooding by Tientsin Anglo-Chinese College, 19151915

30042Floods, Anglo-Chinese College, Tientsin, 19151915

30043Flood waters, Tientsin, 19151915

31201Four men pulling a barge, Tientsin (天津)Wednesday 3 May 1911

31653Fête sportive dans l'école Saint-Louis (des Maristes) avec la rue Chabaneix (actuelle Shandong lu 山东路) dans le fond.

32685Famille Bontemps

32686Famille Bontemps

33329Fête Sportive Internationale à l'Arsenal de l'EstSunday 20 May 1934

33335Fête Sportive Française du 6 mai 1934 à l'Arsenal de l'Est.Tribune centrale.6 mai 1934

33337Fête de charité au profit des Soeurs de l'Hôpital général de Tianjin.Saturday 24 March 1934
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