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16063Workers bagging salt at Hanku (汉沽)1911

18411Wharfinger’s house in Tientsin1919

18412Wharfinger’s worker housing in Tientsin1919

18413Wharfinger’s worker housing in Tientsin1919

19141Warehouse at Tientsin Hotung1923

19142Warehouses, Tientsin Hotung1923

19143Warehouses, Tientsin Hotung1923

19144Warehouses and rail track, Tientsin Hotung1923

19907Warehouses in Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

25801Wharf of the Osaka Steam Ship Company, French Concession, Tientsin1900-1920s

25830Walking in the shade, French Park, Tientsin1930s

25866War Memorial and Gordon Hall, Tientsin1920-1930

25896War Memorial, Victoria Park, Tientsin1940s

25952Washerwoman; peripatetic barber with customer1937-1945

25958Wedding procession; funeral procession1937-1945

25964Wartime street with Japanese flags; green roofs; guarded gate1937-1945

26297Woman with bound feet (in garden, with geraniums and opium pipe)

26486Wounded soldiers leaving Tientsin for Tongku after the siege1900

26535Warships at Tongku (塘沽)1900

32992Welta Perle
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