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28399西头小道子田施赈员王廷选君施赈情形Wednesday 30 August 1939

28400西头墙子外弯下一带淹死浮尸十二具情形Friday 1 September 1939

28401西南角水深三尺之情形Tuesday 29 August 1939

28393花园门口被灾情景Thursday 31 August 1939

28391经理部同人在银行门前合影Sunday 3 September 1939

28398福寿宫西殿施帐之情形Tuesday 29 August 1939

28390由公司遥望海光寺被灾情形Friday 1 September 1939



28392小稍直口Tuesday 29 August 1939

28395小捎子口被淹情形Tuesday 29 August 1939

28397妇婴医院后老三不管土堆公司在此赈济情形Monday 28 August 1939


28396公司(现在的百货大楼)被灾大水将福岛街(现在的多伦道)窗门冲破之情形Tuesday 29 August 1939

28394公司赈济船出发之情形Friday 1 September 1939

25978Yoshiko Kawashima, in the garden of the restaurant 'Tokoro'c.1937-1945

35162Yokohama Specie Bank on Victoria Road in TianjinThursday 31 January 1929

25796Yeishin Glass Factory, Tientsin1910-1930

31704Yantai 烟台

25829Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1930s

25853Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1930s

25874Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1920-1930

25885Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1930s

26049Yamato Park, during the 1939 floods, Tientsin1939

25989Xi Yuan Tang (Hall), Nankai University, Tientsin1941

26486Wounded soldiers leaving Tientsin for Tongku after the siege1900

16063Workers bagging salt at Hanku (汉沽)1911

26297Woman with bound feet (in garden, with geraniums and opium pipe)

18412Wharfinger’s worker housing in Tientsin1919

18413Wharfinger’s worker housing in Tientsin1919

18411Wharfinger’s house in Tientsin1919

25801Wharf of the Osaka Steam Ship Company, French Concession, Tientsin1900-1920s

32992Welta Perle

25958Wedding procession; funeral procession1937-1945

25952Washerwoman; peripatetic barber with customer1937-1945

25964Wartime street with Japanese flags; green roofs; guarded gate1937-1945

26535Warships at Tongku (塘沽)1900

19142Warehouses, Tientsin Hotung1923

19143Warehouses, Tientsin Hotung1923

19907Warehouses in Hotung district (河东), Tientsin1940

19144Warehouses and rail track, Tientsin Hotung1923

19141Warehouse at Tientsin Hotung1923

25896War Memorial, Victoria Park, Tientsin1940s

25866War Memorial and Gordon Hall, Tientsin1920-1930

25830Walking in the shade, French Park, Tientsin1930s

31773Vue sur le lac du Palais d'Hiver1933-10

31788Vue sur la Cité Interdite prise du Palais d'Hiver1933-10

33982Vue panoramique de Tianjin Concession Française

31498Vue du Stromboli coiffé de nuagesSaturday 17 January 1931

31772Vue du Palais d'Hiver sur la Cité Interdite1933-10

31530Vue de la rue Fontanier (actuelle 赤峰道)1931-03

31541Vue de la rue de France (actuelle 解放北路)Printemps 1931

33985Voyage au Japon : notes de Bontemps

33983Voyage au Japon : Japan-China connecting routes

33986Voyage au Japon : itinéraire de tourisme

33984Voyage au Japon : East-Asia tourist ticket

33998Voyage au Japon : brochure touristique sur Tokyo

33988Voyage au Japon : brochure touristique sur Osaka (2)

33987Voyage au Japon : brochure touristique sur Osaka (1)

34000Voyage au Japon : brochure touristique sur Nikko (2)
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