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25806Japanese barracks, Tientsin1900-1910

25808Japanese Concession, Tientsin1910-1920

25809Japanese Settlement, Tientsin1900-1920

25810Japanese Settlement, Tientsin1900-1920

25811Japanese Club, Yamato Park, Tientsin1900-1920s

25813Japanese Concession, Tientsin1900-1920s

25871Japanese Consulate, Tientsin1920-1930

25882Japanese Public Library & Club, Yamato Park, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1930s

25945Juggler and street musician1940s

25965Japanese army vehicles; gate; Japanese soldiers searching civilians1937-1945

25970Japanese soldiers: at railway station; on a road; unloading materials1937-1945

25990Japanese middle school, Tientsinc.1937-1945

25991Japanese children cycling to school, Tientsinc.1937-1945

26024Japanese wedding group, Tientsin Shrine, Tientsin, 1924

31544Jardin anglais (Gordon Hall)Printemps 1931

31545Jardin français ("Jeux des Chinois")Printemps 1931

31546Jardin français ("Jeux des Européens")Printemps 1931

31614Jonques de coton sur le Haihe, en amont du Pont internationalAutomne 1931

31700Jean Bontemps à la coupée du ChenonceauxTuesday 19 July 1932

31717Jacqueline Bontemps et sa chienne PrincesseHiver 1932-1933

31719Jeu de curling sur la glaceHiver 1933-1934

33332Jazz à Shanhaiguan
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