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15545The 'Paoting' turning in Tientsin1906

15658Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15659Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15660Tientsin Lighter Company tugs, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15667Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1906

15690Tientsin Lighter Company lighter at Hsinho (新河)1906

16057Tientsin Lighter Company’s lighters with tug1911

16060Tientsin Lighter Company, Tongku (塘沽)1911

16643The Custom House in Tientsin1903

16661Two servants1903

16687Tennis in Tientsin, 19051905

17867Taku Bar1919

17868Tientsin Lighter Company lighters, Tongku (塘沽)1919

17869Tientsin Lighter Company lighter, Tongku (塘沽)1919

18408Tientsin Hotung lower end1919

18410Tientsin Hotung upper end1919

19134Tientsin Hotung1923

19135Tientsin Hotung1923

19136Tientsin Hotung1923

19137Tientsin Hotung and railway1923

19138Tientsin Hotung and railway1923

19139Tientsin Hotung1923

19146Tientsin Hotung1923

19148Tientsin Lighter Company tugs in dry dock, Tongku (塘沽)1923

19648Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1920

19649Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1920

19654Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19655Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19656Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19657Tientsin Hotung frontage1920

19755Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1933

19756Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire)1933

19896Tientsin House (Butterfield and Swire), 19401940

19904Tientsin port and quayside 19401940

19911Tongku port1940

19913Tongku port1940

19915Tongku port1940

20013Taku (大沽)1906

20182Tientsin Races19071907

20287The Church of our Saviour, Tientsin19111911-1912

20416Tongku (塘沽)19191919-1920

25791The Chinese Magistrate’s Ya-men, Tientsin1900-1915

25794Tientsin: Japanese officer; Japanese Barracks

25795Tientsin: Japanese officer; Japanese Barracks

25797Tokiwa Hotel, Tientsin1937-1945

25799Tung-ma-lu Street, Tientsin1900-1920

25817The Church of the Holy Protection, Tientsin1920-1930

25818The Church of the Holy Protection, Tientsin1920-1930

25821Tientsin Shrine, Japanese Concession, Tientsin1920-1930

25831Tram, Tientsin, with street entertainer1930s

25841Tientsin: International Bridge; trackside barbers1930s

25842Tientsin: area between the Japanese and French Concessions; East Station1930s

25843Tientsin: camel caravan; Drum Tower1930s

25844Tientsin: Muslim street vendor; Li Hongzhang Shrine1930s

25845Tientsin: Catholic Cathedral; shipping on the Pei-ho1930s

25846Tientsin: a flea market; Victoria Park1930s

25847Tientsin: shops, French Concession; melons at Tienhsiang Market1930s

25848Tientsin: French Concession; goods on barrows1930s

25850Tientsin: Italian Concession; wedding procession1930s

25851Tientsin: area between Japanese Concession and Chinese section; wheelbarrow
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