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Image ID15545
TitleThe 'Paoting' turning in Tientsin
CollectionWarren Swire collection
PhotographerG. Warren Swire
Caption in album or on mountPaoting Class
Image typeBlack and white photograph
Material form
of image
Note(s)University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: sw01-013. G W Swire referenced each negative in this album with the prefix A written in white ink. This negative is referenced A11. The album itself has also been archived at some stage with the reference P2/II. The 'Stern-line Swing' or 'Swinging Berth' (turning on a sixpence method) was developed, as the river was too narrow to allow vessels to turn without the aid of a tug. Paoting (Baoding, 保定, 1891-1923) in Haihe (海河), Tientsin (Tianjin).
Keyword(s)Swire ; trade ; river ; ice ; ship ; steamship ; steamer ; Tianjin
HPC referencesw01-013

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