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TitleMemories of Old Tientsin
Short titleMemories of Old Tientsin
Book ID1265
Author(s)An Old Hand [William McLeish]
PublisherThe Tientsin Press
Publication typePress
Abstract"The following lecture was delivered at a meeting of the 'Tientsin Union Church Literary and Social Guild' on the 31st. ult." [31 July 1914]
Comments'In 1886, Mr. McLeish joined the staff of the Imperial Naval College in Tientsin, one of Li Hung-chang’s experiments in Western education. The Boxer rebellion put a quietus on this institution, and Mr. McLeish then became proprietor and editor of the "Peking and Tientsin Times." In 1903 he was appointed Secretary to the British Municipal Councils, and thus Civil administrator of the British settlements. In 1914 he retired on a pension.' Obiturary, North China Herald, 2 July 1921, p. 23. Born Dundee, Scotland, 1851; died 3 May 1921. NCH gives Christian name incorrectly as James.
Keywords (en)Tianjin; Tianjin,memoir,sociali life,foreign concessions;
Place of eventTianjin
Historical period1914
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